under milk wood, BOVTS, 2000 by Mayou Trikerioti

Under Milk Wood dress rehearsal photo.

Under Milk Wood dress rehearsal photo.

one of these beautiful occasions, that a photo represents very accurately my mind's eye of the first image that came to me about this character. And all that with a strong reference from a particular painting.

"Mae Rose Cottage - Seventeen and never been kissed, she dreams of meeting her "Mr. Right". She spends the day in the fields daydreaming, and unseen, draws lipstick circles around her nipples."

paid?! by Mayou Trikerioti

I remember so vividly, sitting on our sofa in Finborough road and Jae telling me: "We fooled them! they are paying us to do what we love!". Straight out of BOVTS, it is the new millenium, it is autumn 2000.