compliment! / by Mayou Trikerioti

Every few years a film comes along that you just have to watch – this is one of those films. In the hauntingly beautiful STILL..
As brave as it is beautiful
— Galway Film Fleadh
This debut feature from writer-director Simon Blake shows great promise….Intelligent insightful chamber drama……The devilish Aidan Gillen gives a sensitive performance….Amanda Mealing contributes a fine performance as the hero’s estranged wife, her scenes with Gillen are the movies high point
STILL is one of the most assured pieces of film I’ve seen in quite some time. Blake really knows how to use his widescreen canvas, effectively framing characters through objects in the foreground or making use of the sparseness and decay of buildings to memorable effect. He’s judicious with close ups, which makes them more impactful, a lesson most modern film makers need to learn. Keep an eye on this film maker as STILL promises great things ahead.

"The atmosphere of Still is also nailed, depicting North London with an unsettling and gritty vibe. Whether Carver is walking the streets by day to pick up flowers for his son’s burial residence or chasing the mentally corrupt youngsters through back alleys in the night, there is a staggering amount of detail in the background that further brings the film alive." - See more at: