Hear Here at Dare Festival / by Mayou Trikerioti

So incredibly proud for our Change of Art team (Sarah Sigal, Hannah Eugénie Tookey, Amy Clare Tasker, Susanna Fiore, Tom Mansfield and Mayou Trikerioti for producing HEAR HERE.

You can catch it now as part of DARE festival:



A flatmate who tells you not to give money to homeless people. A teacher who denies that colourism exists. A boyfriend who spends money like it’ll never run out, because technically it won’t, for him. The end of friendships. The start of arguments with people who just don’t like being wrong.

Change of Art share a multitude of stories about difficult conversations with friends, family and colleagues, gathered through door-knocking in the local community in Shoreditch.

Hear Here is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Dramaturg: Sarah Sigal

Sound Designer: Mark Webber

Outreach Facilitator: Tom Godwin

Door-knocking Team: Sarah Sigal, Hannah Tookey, Stephanie Ellis, Caroline O'Grady